The finance and administration directorate exists to provide administrative and financial services for the efficient running of MoTAC and its agencies.                                                             

  • Manages general services such as security, estate, stores and transport and general cleanliness of MoTAC
  • Provides an efficient system for the maintenance and repair of all equipment and facilities such as vehicles, buildings, and furniture of MoTAC
  • Updates and Maintains assets register for MoTAC
  • Facilitates the procurement of goods, works and services for the office
  • Establishes and maintains a well-functioning records management system
  • Liaises with other Directorates to produce the MoTAC annual report.
  • Protocol services and management of travels
  • Manages all financial matters of MoTAC in accordance with the financial and administrative regulation and other relevant financial Acts and regulations.
  • Provides regular returns/reports to the chief Director and Director for Finance and Administration.
  • Advises the Directors on financial matters in accordance with Finance and Administration Act and other Finance and Administration Act.