Responsibilities of the Agency

The Ghana Tourism Development Company Limited (GTDC) is:

→ To promote and mobilize resources for investment in tourism undertakings and services.

→ To seek equity participation in joint ventures with Ghanaians as well as foreign concerns and individuals in tourism development projects.

→ To provide financial and technical assistance for small businesses in the tourism industry and improve the efficiency and level of their services.

→ To carry on any other business which may conveniently render profitable the operations of the Company or enhance the property values or rights of the Company.

Details of Activities

→ Undertakes Tourism investments and development of Tourism infrastructure.
→ Management of tourist sites:
     → Assin Manso Slave River Site
     → Big Tree Tourist Site
     → Kwahu-Atibie Receptive Facility
→ Offers commercial services:
     → Vehicle Rentals
     → Tour Operations
     → Event Management
     → Tourist Site Management 
     → General Hospitality & Concierge services – provision of Hotel, Conference & Meeting Facilities and Airport Transfers (Meet & Greet).


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