Responsibilities of the Agency

→ To provide a forum for all writers of African and those of African origin
→ To encourage the establishment and recognition of only one National Writers Association in each African country
→ To seek and vigorously defend freedom of expression for all Africans as well as the material and social interests of all African Writers Associations
→ To promote literacy and eradicate illiteracy in Africa
→ To encourage the inclusion of African literary works in the curriculum of educational institutions
→ To promote African languages and the translation of African literature into African languages.
→ Collaborating with international organizations such as UNESCO in championing/promoting literary works.

Details of Activities

→ Organization of International Literary Workshops, Conferences and seminars
→ Institution of Continental Literary Prizes
→ Establishment of National Writers Associations and Book Clubs in the African continent
→ Encouragement of Literary Exchange Programs between African Writers
→ Publications of Pan African Newsletters, Journals and Collection of Creative works
→ Establishment of Writers Residencies in Africa

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