Strategic Path of the Directorate


A well-resourced directorate that places high premium on information and its use for decision-making.


To compile and provide accurate, timely and reliable tourism data to enable the Ministry formulate policies that will help develop tourism, arts and culture industry in Ghana

  • To create and maintain a database of tourism, arts and culture indicators
  • To ensure well-trained and resourced staff to play their roles effectively
  • To ensure there is readily available data which can be easily accessed and analysed
  • To create and maintain a Database for decision-making within the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
  • To conduct research into sectoral activities of the Ministry with a view to removing bottle-necks and enhancing its service delivery standards
  • To provide a system of feedback to stakeholders and clients within the Tourism sector
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of sectoral policies, programmes and activities on stakeholders