Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PPME)

Coordination of policy formulation, strategic planning, resource allocation and budgeting.

Research Statistics and Information Management (RSIM)

Research and information management and dissemination.

Human Resource Management Directorate (HRMD)

Ensures an effective and stable management framework consistent with the overall manpower needs of the sector. 

Tourism Directorate

Ensures the enhancement of the total tourist experience by aggressive destination promotion and marketing.

Arts & Culture Directorate

Ensures the creation of a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development in the Culture and Creative Industry.

Finance and Administration (F&A)

General administration and ensures proper financial management in compliance with regulations in administering the operations of the Ministry.

Internal Audit Unit

Ensures government resources are being safeguarded and used judiciously to attain national goals.

Public Relations Unit (PR Unit)

Develops, implements and reviews communication strategies to project the Ministry’s policies and initiatives.

Client Service Unit (CSU)

Provides information on the Ministry’s activities to clients and the general public and obtains feedback for policy formulation.