Responsibilities of the Agency

→ The regulation of tourism enterprises namely accommodation, catering, travel and tour, and charter flight operations.
→ Promotion and marketing of tourism both in Ghana and abroad, including production of promotional materials.
→ Carrying out research and studies on trends in the tourism industry both at home and abroad to aid decision and policymaking.
→ Facilitating the development of tourist facilities and products.
→ Facilitating human resource development in the tourism industry for both the public and private sectors.

Details of Activities

→ Participating in both Local and International Fairs and Exhibitions.
→ Registration, inspection, licensing and classification of tourism enterprises.
→ Organization of Regional Tourism Awards, Chocolate Day Celebration, Kwahu Easter Paragliding Festival and other special events.
→ Licensing of accommodations, travel and tour operations, tourist sites and attractions, food and beverages establishments, etc.
→ Organization of tourism business forums and trade exhibitions in Ghana and abroad.

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