Visa Information

All visitors to Ghana must possess a valid passport and a valid visa/entry permit. Nationals of ECOWAS member states and other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements are exempted.

Entry Conditions

Subject to the conditions of the Immigration Act any person who is seeing to enter into Ghana;
a) Must be in possession of a valid passport or other travel document and valid visa to enter Ghana where applicable.
b) Must have been exempted from obtaining a visa to enter Ghana.
c) Must have his name endorsed upon a visa and is in the company of the holder or the visa.
d) Must have applied and been granted an emergency entry permit ; or
e) Must have been admitted to diplomatic status by the Government of Ghana.

Visa (Regulation 4(I) (D) Of L.I. 1691)

A visa may be obtained from Ghana Embassies/High Commissions, Consulates or other Embassies authorized by the Government of Ghana to issue visas on her behalf.

Emergency Entry Permit valid for 14 days may be obtained where on application has been filed on behalf of the foreign national by other national’s host with the Director of Immigration indicating;

• Personal details including nationality ,place of residence in Ghana;Occupation or business to be followed or undertaken while Ghana;
• Particulars of passport;
• Proposed date of arrival;
• Purpose of visit and duration of stay;
• A statement to the effect that the applicant will not undertake or participate in any activities which might offend the religious beliefs or any section of the community;
• In case of a passenger passing through Ghana ,route to be followed; and
• An undertaken by the applicant to return any pass granted.
• Has had a security furnished by bond, deposit or a letter of guarantee by the person who guarantees the foreign national visit.

  1. a) Please note that applicants must satisfy the conditions that the distance between their place of abode and the Ghana Consular office should be such that the impromptu nature of your journey could not make it possible for them to travel to the office for a visa;
    b) That the applicant (s) is proceeding to Ghana at a short notice for business transactions;
    c) That the applicant is a guest of the Government or a member of a delegation which is coming to Ghana at the instance of the Government at short notice, or
    d) That the entry permit of an applicant who is a person resident in Ghana has expired while the applicant was outside Ghana.

Visa Information


Having obtained the requisite visa, visitors must satisfy the Immigration officer on arrival that;

i. He is genuinely seeking entry for a limited period as stated by him.
ii. He will leave Ghana at the end of the period granted him.
iii. He will not take up any employment while on visitor’s permit.
iv. He does not intend studying in any school.
v. He will not be of public charge.

Before his entry is allowed at the point of entry a maximum of 60 days stay (90 days in the Case of ECOWAS nationals) is granted. The extension of the duration of the stay is allowed provided that the approving officer is convinced that conditions set above have been met.

Procedure for Extension of Stay

Visitors may abide by the following procedure in their application for extension or stay.

• Completion of the requisite application forms obtained from the Immigration Headquarters or the nearest Regional Commands of the Service.
• Provision of two current passport-sized photographs.
• An application letter from those who wish to stay for a period more than 3 months stating reason (s) for the request.
• Provision of a valid return ticket or any form of guarantee that the visitor will leave the country at the end of the period requested for.
• Provision of documentary evidence of intent to invest in Ghana (applicable to would-be investors only).
• Provision of a valid passport; and
• The payment of the requisite processing fee.
Please note that employment is restricted while on visitor’s permit.

Emergency Entry Visa /Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

The Ghana Immigration Service has introduced this visa policy to cater for visitors/business people who travel at short notice from countries where Ghana has no mission or consulate. The policy authorizes visas to be granted on arrival at the airport or other entry points subject to satisfaction of specific Immigration requirements.

Requirement for Emergency Entry Visa

  • An application letter from the host, stating where the traveler is coming from (If the host is a Company/Organization, it must be on a letterhead).
    • State where the traveler is going to lodge.
    • How the traveler is entering the country (KIA, Aflao, Elubo, or Paga).
    • How long the traveler is going to stay.
    • A photocopy of the traveler’s passport (Biodata page).For further information please visit: